What others are saying about the Bio-Shield UV-C Air Sanitizer System:

“Very easy to install — seems to work well when combined with air filters in rooms. It took my rooms down from 500 ppm to less than 100 ppm as measured by a Dylos meter.” – Cheryl C.

“Easy install, came with everything needed including hole saw. I have only had it for about a month and a half now, but my wife says the house smells less “doggy” whenever she comes home and they have been inside all day.” – Cohlby Y.

“This UV light is wonderful. We live in Miami Beach where mold is a constant problem. We installed the system in about 1/2 hr – Bio-Shield even provides the necessary tool! – and it was running ! Within 24 hrs, smell and mold were like gone. We have now ordered a second one for upstairs. We can only recommend it.” Jane L.

The ace test will be to see if it helps reduce the spread of colds this winter but it already changed the dank air smell to fresh and clean. The install was a very easy step by step process in my return air. Think about where you’d put it before you buy it. It needs a power outlet within 3 feet to make sense. You don’t want to install it where before the filter if possible either since it’ll get the bulb dusty and reduce the effectiveness.” -Carguy 1969

“We installed this in both of our A/C units and got a big improvement in allergy problems. less sneezing and scratchy eyes… this is really designed for a unit that is a split system where you can reach the inside air handler unit to plug in the light and unplug it. A do-it-yourself person could install it under those circumstances…” – Ken

“I purchased two of these and installed them in my home along with replacing ductwork in the attic. Three days later it is like living in a new home. The musty smell is gone, the air smells fresh, I do not need to take Zyrtec every night.
They were exceptionally easy to install, included a holesaw to cut the sheet metal near the AC coils, and work great. I will never have a home without UV lights in the HVAC again.” – Michael J.

I think these just just come standard in every hvac system. I started with one in my house, then put these in throughout my office. Employees are incredibly thankful during allergy season.” – Rich

“So far so good after a month of installing this device. It has dried up the mold in my AC which has improved my quality of life because of asthma and I don’t have to use as much medicine. Make sure you wear uv-c protective eye wear if you have the light turned on while installing.” – Stacy G.

“I have been using this for a month solidly. Can I tell a difference in the quality of the air? I believe so. Plagued with allergies all summer, I installed this until in the furnace ducting system, as instructed. We have noticed a somewhat improved air condition in the house. I can’t say with authority that using this light is a big help but believe it is one of a number of steps which can be taken to assist and improve air quality in the home.” -elgreco

“I received this product and was pretty blown away to see what was included in the package: everything I needed to complete the (self) installation, including the 2.75″ drill bit to make the large hole in the metal ductwork. I followed the directions, which were well-written and clear, and finished the installation easily in about 10 minutes. Great product, helpful packaging and instructions!” – David S.