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Innovation, Quality, Reliability

Our food waste disposers deliver quality, reliability, and state-of-the-art product features.

Our garbage disposers fit neatly under the sink, leaving space for kitchen items. They are surprisingly quiet and use little electricity and water.

  • Our food waste disposers are COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT ; smaller and lighter than most other disposers because of their space age high tech components. They guarantee heavy-duty performance and provide important space saving benefits.
  • Our disposers feature PERMANENT MAGNET MOTORS  that are small, light, efficient, and powerful. The high torque motors produce 2600 to 2800 rpm eliminating virtually all jams before they can happen.
  • Anaheim Bio Shield Disposers feature the SPEED MASTER MOUNTING SYSTEM . Its compact, robust, lightweight materials provide for easy and speedy installation.
  • We also feature 3-Bolt Mount Assembly which are great for easy replacements. If you have an existing 3-Bolt Mount disposer, you have the option of leaving your existing sink flange in place and twisting on a new disposer with a few simple steps.
  • Anaheim Bio Shield disposers also have REMOVABLE SPLASH GUARDS  for easy cleaning and replacement and all of our disposers are septic safe.
    SAFE AND SIMPLE TO OPERATE  in four easy steps. Simply feed in the food waste together with water from the cold water tap. The motor drives a turntable that spins and pushes the food waste against a stationary grind ring. In seconds, the food waste is quickly reduced to small particles which are then flushed through small holes in the grind ring, through the normal waste pipes to the treatment plant.
  • Our food waste disposers have been built to resist the major cause of disposer failure—corrosion. The grind chamber and the drain housing are both CORROSION PROOF.
  • Our disposers feature  OVERLOAD PROTECTION to protect and ensure longer life of the motor,  a lifetime corrosion proof guarantee, and more torque than other disposers.
  • Take a look at an INSIDE VIEW  of a Anaheim Bio Shield disposer and see why Built-In Quality makes our disposers the best in the world.

BS.LOGO.1LAYER.NEWBio-Shield® Antimicrobial provides protection against bacteria-caused odors. Bio Shield® is a unique antimicrobial agent, permanently molded into the “wet” components of the garbage disposer to help eliminate bacteria-caused odors. It also inhibits the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms. Take control of the bacteria and you take care of odor. Helps to prevent disposal odor before they can begin.

tm.logo.1layerRThe Torque Master® Balanced Grinding System features balanced turntables and balanced armatures as the heart of the system. This, along with corrosion proof, all stainless steel grinding components, provide for less vibration and longer life.

  • Corrosion Proof Grinding Chamber
  • Laser Sharp Cutting Ring
  • Quieter Operation

silverguardThe magnetic Silver Guard® attachment captures most metal objects before they enter into the disposer chamber. This protective feature helps prevent damage to the disposer, as well as expensive repairs caused by metal objects falling into the disposer. After your disposer is installed, guide the Silver Guard® between the Support Flange and Upper Mount Ring to secure. Easy instructions included.

Why you need a removable splash guard in your life…

  • To insert bulk items into the disposer such as rice.
  • To clean the bottom of the splash guard to help prevent odors.
  • To see clearly inside the grind chamber, or to remove objects that may have fallen in.
  • If it becomes damaged, easily replace it without having to remove your complete mounting system.