Ready for Ice Cold, Chilled Water on Demand?!

The Ready Chill under sink water dispenser is available as a Cold Only Chiller or in combination with an Instant Hot Water Dispenser. Created especially to accommodate small spaces conventional dispensers are too large for.

With an impressive output capacity of 3 gallons per hour, the compressor driven chiller provides exceptional cooling performance. Simply connect the Ready Chill to a counter-top mounted faucet for cold water on demand.

• Supplies Cold Water To Any Faucet (Not Included)
• Stainless Steel Cold Water Tank
• Compact Size Fits Under Any Counter
• Adjustable Thermostat
• Convection Cooled Condenser
• Powder Coated Cold Rolled Steel Casing
• Can Be Installed With A Dual Faucet & Hot Water Dispenser
• Shock Arrestor Protects Against Mains Water Pressure Surges