Use a medium flow of COLD water. If hot water is used, grease tends to coat the pipes instead of being flushed away.
Grind hard materials (cooked bones, pits of fruit). This is necessary every so often to keep the lugs moving freely and to keep the grind chamber clean.
Do continue running cold water for 25 seconds after grinding is completed to flush the drain line. Remember the drain line from your sink may run for 30 feet or more before it exits your home.
Flush for cleaning with cold water. An occasional lemon or lime slice will help to deodorize the grind chamber and elements.


Don’t use HOT water when grinding. It is acceptable to drain hot water into the disposer between grinding periods.
Don’t turn off disposer until grinding is complete. Wait until ALL food is ground before turning the disposer off.
Don’t grind extremely fibrous materials (corn husks). These materials tend to form hard clusters of fiber which do not drain properly and interfere with the grinding elements.
Don’t fill disposer with a lot of vegetable peels all at once. Instead, turn the water and disposer on first, and then feed the peels in gradually.
Don’t grind clam or oyster shells, glass, metal, cloth, or harsh chemicals. These materials are too abrasive and will eventually wear down the grind chamber.
Don’t dispose large amounts of fat or hot grease in food waste disposers.