tudies (Health Magazine) show one out of six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to fungi and bacteria in air duct systems. If you or your family is one of these sufferers, studies show these conditions can be triggered by molds, dust and other indoor contaminants (Institute of Medicine). UV-C Light can alleviate your symptoms by attacking your triggers such as dust mites, molds and bacteria. By reducing the impact of these triggers, UV-C Light can alleviate the following:
Asthma, Allergies, Hay Fever, Fatigue, Insomnia, Dizziness, Depression, Headaches, shortness-of-breath, coughing and wheezing.
Also, when someone in your household catches a virus (cold, flu) the virus will be killed off sooner. Before centralized HVAC existed, ill family members would often get isolated in a dedicated room, so that no one else in the family would get sick. However in modern times, there is no longer a “sick room” because the air in all the rooms is pulled back into the main duct system and re-distributed everywhere in the house. With a Bio-Shield UV-C Air Sanitizer system, you can now create that “sick room” once again. The viruses lurking in that room where a family member is ill will eventually get pulled back into the duct system and be killed by the UV-C light, keeping everyone else in the house at a lower risk of getting sick.