What if my garbage disposer jams?

This is a problem mostly experienced with our competitor’s products. They use induction motors which are slow starting and could jam if food is placed in the disposer before it is switched ON. Bio Shield disposers are designed not to jam by using permanent magnet motors. This motor produces high torque (twisting power) immediately when switched on. This feature prevents jams. In the unlikely event that a Bio Shield disposer jams, dejamming is very simple. Turn off the switch to the disposer, check for foreign objects, dislodge the object by rotating the turntable with a long screwdriver or broom handle and remove the object.
Dejamming your food waste disposerDEJAMMING



Where can I buy parts for my Garbage Disposer?

Why is my splash guard loose and keeps coming out when I use my disposer?

Too much hot water directly on the splashguard will cause it to deform. Replacements available through our Mr. Scrappy Store.



My Disposer makes a clicking noise before it starts up. Is that normal?

Yes.  When  Stainless Steel Impellers swing into position a brief noise may occur from contact with a protrusion on the turntable. The noise should be brief not continuous.

The disposer isn’t running at all!

It could be a power problem. Check the power to the circuit that feeds the disposer. If the breaker is OK, then check the power at the switch. If you have power coming to, but not leaving the switch, then the switch is bad. Turn the circuit off and replace the switch.

The food waste disposer is very noisy.

All of our disposers feature the exclusive  Torque Master Grinding System with its balanced turntable and armature that help keep noise and vibration to a minimum, however, it can become really noisy if something gets in there to cause a ruckus. With the disposer unplugged, grab a flashlight and take a look down the drain and see if you notice anything that can be causing the noise. Plastic or metal items are usually the culprits.