The tap water first flows through a 20 micron particle FILTER to remove dirt, rust and other sediment. The water then flows into a carbon cartridge FILTER which takes out 98% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. The next stage of the process is FILTER 1 micron sediment filter or the Block carbon filter to filter multi-chemical compounds and suspension. The reverse osmosis membrane which will separate 95-99% of the dissolved contaminants from the water molecules. The contaminants are then washed down the drain. The next stage of the P-RO RO SYSTEMS process is the small CARBON FILTER removes the remaining traces of chemicals, tastes and odors.

The Reverse Osmosis water is stored in a 3.2 gallons tank. Inside the tank is a balloon-like rubber diaphragm, pre-charged with 8-10 psi of air. As the tank fills, the air pressure increases and pushes the water out when the faucet is opened. The final element of the P-RO system is a chrome faucet. It is installed on the kitchen counter or the sink. It is a dual action faucet offering intermittent flow (to fill a glass, hold the handle down) or continuous flow (to fill a coffee pot, lift the handle up).

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